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Entity Structure

We operate within a startup incubator with an impressive track record of successfully launching over 325 startups. Our initial focus was to validate the demand and necessity for insurance within the Web3 industry and narrow down our target market.

As we move towards the next development phase, we plan to transition out of the incubator and establish ourselves as a standalone venture. Our strategy involves creating a two-part story comprising a DAO and a DATA company.

The DAO will be responsible for underwriting and will operate on-chain, making it decentralized. Meanwhile, the DATA company will be accountable for building technology that verifies and validates claims.

Although the entities will initially be paired, they can function independently. The claims validation technology and the underwriting protocols will be applicable in Web3 and Web2 settings.

We aim to establish ourselves as a leader in the insurance industry and provide innovative solutions that will benefit both consumers and businesses in the Web3 ecosystem.

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